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Seeking new explorers!



Rubu Adventures is designed for families of children with ASD and other developmental challenges, but is fun for everyone!



Kids team up with a robot named Rubu and using special hands-on tools, explore strange new landscapes and navigate challenging situations.


Promoting skill development through on and offscreen play!

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What you need to play

1.  An Adventure Journal that can be printed at home

2.  An iPad to download the Rubu Adventures App

3.  A curious spirit!

Don't have a printer? That's okay, you can still download the app and play using the touchscreen.


For iPads only


The Adventure Journal

Inside the journal you'll find: a special mixed reality controller you’ll use to guide Rubu, information about your upcoming missions, fun ways to capture your observations and tips on how to improve your explorer skills.

Rubu Adventures App

In the app you’ll find missions to complete. Each mission features new landscapes to explore, challenging puzzles to solve and curious creatures to interact with.


Get everything you need to play Rubu Adventures here!

About the project

Children with developmental challenges like ASD rely on a ‘system of care’ for the support they need. This system of care includes educators, clinicians and most importantly, families.


Research we have been conducting in partnership with Surrey Place, has led us to identify gaps in this system of care.


Families often face several months of waiting to gain professional support, and end up having support for limited amounts of time. This leads to a great deal of stress as families must take on the work of figuring out how to best support their children, while managing their day to day activities.


We have also seen that very few tools are specifically designed to help families and clinicians–ones that are of a high quality, that are engaging to children, have clinical value, and are easy to facilitate.

Current phase of research

Our first aim is to ensure families can easily and enjoyably facilitate activities at home. By achieving this initial goal, we’ll help close a major gap which in turn helps clinicians extend their impact.


We are also aiming to understand the learning impact of Rubu Adventures and how we can better target and measure skill development. 


In order to achieve these aims, we are seeking feedback from family members or professional caregivers. So please reach out if you’d like to share your thoughts or participate in a short interview. 


Otherwise, give Rubu Adventures a try!

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